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Competitions & Handicaps

Chair, Competition & Handicaps: Nigel Eardley

Mens Section: John Redmond

Ladies Section: Anne McNamara

Seniors Section: Peter Gibson

Mixed Section: John Redmond & Anne McNamara (see above)

Junior Section: Lee Jones

Competitions Administrator: Josh Roberts


The following sections provide additional details to the Competitions Policy and will be regularly updated

  1. Member Apps
  2. Wales Golf Player Portal (access to World Handicap System)
  3. Conwy Courses Slope Ratings
  4. New members / New handicaps
  6. Mens Bookings
  7. Payment for entry
  8. Sign-In to a competition
  9. Marking your card
  10. Score entry
  11. Results

Member Apps

As a playing member, you may register for accounts on the following systems:

BRS – to view and book teetimes

Wales Golf Player Portal – to view your Handicap Index and supporting calculations

HowDidIDo – for competition results, knockout draws, your own playing statistics and for Mobile Score Input. It also contains a copy of your WHS Handicap Index.

ClubV1 Members Hub – this will enable you to topup your Membership Card/Account from home. Your Membership Card contains two purses, one for Bar&Restaurant, the other for competitions. The Hub also contains shortcuts to BRS and HowDidIDo. There is a version that can be downloaded to your phone from the Google or Apple Stores. Please remember to keep your Competition Purse topped up, or you will not be able to play in a competition if you have insufficient funds when you come to Sign In.

World Handicap System

There are many sources of information on WHS, not least of all on the Wales Golf website. The basics are contained within this CONGU-Player-Reference-Guide.

Wales Golf Player Portal

Here is a sample of what you should see, when checking your scores used to calculate your WHS Handicap Index: Sample Scores

If you use a smartphone or some tablets, you may not get as much detail. A PC or laptop may give the best view if you want to check or understand the calculations, but a smartphone is most handy if you just need reminding what your current Handicap Index is.

To register on the Player Portal, you’ll need your Wales Golf Central Database of Handicaps (CDH) id. This begins with a ‘6’ and is listed in your HowDidIDo profile. An example of one of our full lists is here, but will not include everyone List of CDH ids

Note: AWAY members will also have another CDH id, typically an England Golf one beginning with a ‘1’. This will not work on the Wales Golf App and the ‘dummy’ CDH id identified in the CDH list above should be used.

Slope Ratings

The Slope Ratings for our courses are listed below. You will need these tables to calculate your COURSE HANDICAP using your HANDICAP INDEX. Once you have your COURSE HANDICAP, your PLAYING HANDICAP for the day’s competition needs to be calculated. Thankfully, there is an easier way: when you ‘Sign In’ on the day of a competition, whether that is on the Player Score Input (PSI) terminal in the Changing Room, or via HowDidIDo on your phone, tablet or PC, the 3 stages of your handicap calculation will be displayed. Copy them to your scorecard.

Different types of competition have different handicap allowances. This is the official list as provided by the R&A.

We now have New scorecards. Note the 3 separate boxes to write:

Handicap Index

Course Handicap

Playing Handicap

Failure to record your Course handicap will result in a DQ according to R&A/Congu Rules

New members / new handicaps

Your membership application form will be passed to the Mens, Ladies or Junior Committee and if you have an existing handicap, it will be copied to our systems. Your CDH id will be needed. If you have requested that Conwy be your Home club for handicap purposes, that will be arranged. The Handicap Secretary of the Mens or Ladies Committee will confirm to you when this has been done.

For members that do not have a handicap but are ready to start playing competitive golf, cards totalling 54 holes will be needed. These can be a mixture of 18-hole and 9-hole rounds, played over the Conwy course and marked by a player that already has a handicap. Contact the Reception Office to register before playing and they will help organise a marker if needed.

Competitions Process Mens

  • Bookings

    For Full members, Saturday is our main day. Bookings open 10 days before, at 18:30 on Wednesday evenings.

    We also run a Midweek Stableford (open to 2nd Club Members), typically twice a month on Wednesdays. Booking for this opens 8 days before on Tuesday mornings at 07:50, the same time as Casual Play bookings open. Only a few teetimes are set aside for this, but any time of day can be used – just let the Reception Office know and the Casual Play time that you book will be redesignated as a competition time.

    Other competitions are detailed in ‘Fixtures’ on this website and/or in some cases will have an email reminder sent out.

    The BRS startsheet contains all the competition details in the Header, but should be read in conjunction with any ‘Competition Rules’ in the Competitions Policy.

    Bookings and cancellations for Saturdays close at 8pm on Friday evenings. If you need to cancel a booking for good reason or book a spare space after this time, please contact the Reception Office or Proshop as early as possible on Saturday. You may also email, however unless you get a reply, or your booking reservation changes, you should not assume your email has been seen and you should still contact the Reception Office or Proshop.

    Any bookings that are still on BRS after the competition, even if you do not play, will be charged for.

    If you are unable to play and also unable to contact Reception or Proshop, please email competition@conwygolfclub as soon as possible.

    On days where the weather is severe (light rain, even persistent, does not count), the competition may be abandoned or more leeway may be given to late cancellations and charging may not be applied. The Club’s Website will be updated or you may check with Reception as to what the status is.


    We are now ‘Cashless’ for all Mens competitions. Payment for entry is by using the ‘Competition Purse’ in your Club Membership Card/Account. If you have insufficient funds in your Purse when you come to Sign In, you will not be in the competition, although you should still play the course and mark a card for your playing partner. Cash will not be accepted by the Proshop.

    You can topup your Card/Account with a minimum of £10 from the comfort of your home by registering and using the ClubV1 Members Hub. This is also linked to HowDidIDo, so you should use the same login details and ensure the email address that the club has on record for you is also the same. Each system is from the same supplier, so it can cause errors if a different email address is used.

    The Hub is available online via a Web Browser, OR you can download a free App from the relevant App Store for your phone or tablet. Just search for ‘ClubV1 Members Hub’ on the web or on your mobile device in the App store.

    For those that have difficulty accessing the Hub, you can phone Lynne Roberts in the Admin Office during Office Hours and make a telephone payment in order to topup your Competition Purse. The Bar will also take payments and topup your Competition Purse. Make sure you ask for the right Purse to be topped up – your Bar/Restaurant Purse is different. Both of these options are for £50 minimum.


    This should be done on the PSI terminal in the Changing Room before play.

    The PSI will confirm your HANDICAP INDEX, COURSE HANDICAP and PLAYING HANDICAP. These should all be recorded on your scorecard. Failure to record your Course Handicap correctly may result in a DQ (WHS Rule).

    You may Sign In using HowDidIDo from 6pm the evening before. HowDidIDo will also display the 3 stages of your Handicap calculation.


    Before starting, record your name and 3 stages of Handicap calculation in the appropriate boxes on the scorecard.

    Your card must be marked by another player and at the end of the round your signature and that of your marker are required. Your GROSS scores should be in column ‘A’ or in the case of Pairs, columns ‘A’ and ‘B’.


    This should be done as soon as possible after completing your round. Competitions may be closed immediately after the last group to play enter their scores.

    The easiest and preferred option is to use the PSI terminal and post your card in the Wooden Box underneath. HowDidIDo may also be used, however this should still be while you are at the Club and your scorecard should also be posted in the Wooden Box.

    Use of ‘Digital Scorecards’ for competitions is not allowed.

    In case of any difficulty, contact Reception or post your scorecard through the Reception Office door. If necessary contact the Competition Committee.


    Leaderboards are maintained by the PSI and HowDidIDo, but are not displayed until everyone has started play at least.

    Handicaps will be updated by WHS overnight.

    Competition results will be posted on the ClubV1 Members Hub and on HowDidIDo. You can setup HowDidIDo to email you a copy of the results. We also post a paper listing in the Changing Room.

    Most results will be published by 10am the following day

    Winners will receive either Proshop credit or where the competition allows, Bar Purse credit. These will both be by the end of the week, but will usually be much earlier than this.

Members & Visitor booking

Book Online